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Ep.216 - Chamillionaire

Houston's Chamillionaire was a child of 8 Ball & MJG, UGK and Geto Boys. His single "Ridin" was one of the most ubiquitous songs of the 00s. But after a couple of albu...

Ep.215 - Wyclef Jean

After covering Pras last week, we thought it was a good a time as any to look into the Fugees member that seems to have no issue in dropping music on a consistent basi...

Ep.214 - Pras

Pras has been in the news in recent years, but not for anything music related. So since he was formally found guilty in a foreign influence case, now seems a good a ti...

Ep.213 - Is Hip-Hop Right Wing?

All answers begin with a question and sometimes that question needs to be blunt. But never fear, we try and break the question down as only we can. It's not a question...

Ep.212 - DITD Bites, Vol. 17

For the 17th edition of DITD Bites we get into the AI Music debate and the concept of Video Essays/Documentaries, asking WHY do people like Trap Lore Ross make the vid...

Ep.211 - Jim Jones

When you look at Jim Jones' career, it's one of hard work and dedication to squeezing every benefit out of a deal. But hard work only gets you so far... Hard work can'...

Ep.210 - Contemporary Cool, Vol. 10

For the 10th edition of Contemporary Cool: We get into the works of Tink's 2013 tape "Winter's Diary 2: Forever Yours" and August Greene (Common, Robert Glasper & Karr...

Ep.209 - DITD 4th Anniversary Special

Four years ago on April 10th, Diggin' In The Digits began. Since that Tuesday, we have dropped an episode every Tuesday. We've never missed a drop and have learnt so m...

Ep.208 - Hip-Hop Neighbours, Vol. 6

For this edition of "the real HHN" where we explore projects just outside of the Hip-Hop purview, we get into the works of Bryson Tiller's "T R A P S O U L" and Gorill...

Ep.207 - Women's History Month '23 - Rah Digga

We finish off our Women's History Month celebrations with an artist that was so close to blowing up - but with a shelved 2nd album - lost steam. It seems that whenever...

Ep.206 - Women's History Month '23 - Sweet Tee

For our third WHM retrospective, we look at another one-and-done artist in Sweet Tee; with an additional conversation on the unique place 80s Hip-Hop artists are histo...

Ep.205 - Women's History Month '23 - Ms. Melodie

We continue our Women's History Month celebrations with a look at the one & done work of Ms. Melodie: The first lady of BDP and an essential cog in the lives of many, ...

Ep.204 - Women's History Month '23 - Mia X

We begin our Women's History Month celebrations with the First Lady of No Limit: Mia X. Her music was unmistakably 'No Limit' but when looking past the hits, came some...

Ep.203 - Contemporary Cool, Vol. 9

We boot up Contemporary Cool once again and for Volume 9 we look at the barely talked about work "7 Days Of Funk" and the blueprint for collective collaboration in The...

Ep.202 - RZA: The Book Of Wu - Chapter 10 (Pt.2)

We continue with Part 2 of our RZA retrospective with a look at his solo work which - whilst it may deliver less than desired - is an interesting creative wrinkle to o...

Ep.201 - RZA: The Book Of Wu - Chapter 10 (Pt.1)

We reach the last solo retrospective of Wu-Tang Clan members, finishing with the leader of it all: RZA. In the first of a two-parter, we talk about RZAs leadership as ...

Ep.200 - "Rapper" or "Artist"

On Ep.200 of DITD: Lil Yachty's comments on being taken seriously, reignited a decades old dialogue.

Ep.199 - Capital STEEZ

On Ep.199 of DITD: A retrospective on the brief career of Capital STEEZ.

Ep.198 - Inspectah Deck: The Book Of Wu - Chapter 9

On Ep.198 of DITD: Continuing our Book Of Wu series with the solo work of Inspectah Deck.

Ep.197 - Three 6 Mafia

On Ep.197 of DITD: A retrospective on the Memphis pioneers: Three 6 Mafia.

Ep.196 - Gangsta Boo

On Ep.196 of DITD: A retrospective on the late Gangsta Boo.

Ep.195 - DITD Bites, Vol. 16

On Ep.195 of DITD: Our 16th edition of DITD Bites; taking stock of 2022.

Ep.194 - Hip-Hop Neighbours, Vol. 5

On Ep.194 of DITD: Volume Five of Hip-Hop Neighbours. Covering Soul II Soul & Blondie.

Ep.193 - 2022 Metacritic Album Score Review

On Ep.193 of DITD: We go through the '22 Metacritic Hip-Hop album scores.

Ep.192 - Raekwon: The Book Of Wu - Chapter 8

Continuing our "Book Of Wu" series with the solo career of Raekwon.

Ep.191 - Ghostface Killah: The Book Of Wu - Chapter 7

On Ep.191 of DITD: We continue our Book Of Wu series with the solo career of Ghostface Killah.

Ep.190 - Our Dream Festivals

On Ep.190 of DITD: We create our dream festivals.

Weekly Music Roundup (15th-22nd Nov '22)

In conjunction with our episode with Dr. Joshua Wright, here's the WMR that we would've done.

Ep.189 - Kanye & Black Celebrity W/ Dr. Joshua Wright

On Ep.189 of DITD - Our first guest host, Dr. Joshua Wright, joins DITD to talk Kanye & Black Celebrity.

Ep.188 - Artifacts

On Ep.188 of DITD: A retrospective on NJ do-it-all group: Artifacts.

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