Welcome to "Diggin' In The Digits", where Creator of 'Hip-Hop By The Numbers' Ben Carter and Director of 'The 5th Element' Charlie Taylor deliver entirely unique retrospectives behind Hip-Hop's biggest artists, stories & it's roots, discussing them in detail.

From Australia to the UK and beyond.

A 5EPN Original.

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Ep.190 - Our Dream Festivals

On Ep.190 of DITD: We create our dream festivals.

Weekly Music Roundup (15th-22nd Nov '22)

In conjunction with our episode with Dr. Joshua Wright, here's the WMR that we would've done.

Ep.189 - Kanye & Black Celebrity W/ Dr. Joshua Wright

On Ep.189 of DITD - Our first guest host, Dr. Joshua Wright, joins DITD to talk Kanye & Black Celebrity.

Ep.188 - Artifacts

On Ep.188 of DITD: A retrospective on NJ do-it-all group: Artifacts.

Ep.187 - Kid Cudi

On Ep.187 of DITD: A retrospective on contemporary legend Kid Cudi.

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