Ep.253 - Public Enemy (#3)

We finish our Public Enemy three-parter with their most recent output with more friction from the inside and the outside but somehow, Public Enemy still continue to drop and tour the world; never dead, never deterred.

Weekly Music Roundup - (1:00)
  • Yeat - 2093
  • Conway x Big Ghost - Speshal Machinery the Chronic Edition
  • 2nd Generation Wu x Dom Archey - This May Sting!
  • Fatima - Love On Acid (EP)
  • Ol' Burger Beats - 74: Out of Time
  • Shae Universe - Love's Letter
Topic Intro/Ben's Research House - (6:18)
How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul??? - (9:56)
Most of My Heroes Still Don't Appear on No Stamp & The Evil Empire of Everything - (17:09)
Man Plans God Laughs - (25:30)
Nothing Is Quick in the Desert - (30:04)
Loud Is Not Enough - (34:14)
What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down? - (38:54)
Lighter Note - (49:45)

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Ep.253 - Public Enemy (#3)
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