Ep.226 - MC Ren

Whilst the stories of Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and - for different reasons - Eazy-E are thoroughly documented, the story of MC Ren is something different from the others. From his embrace of Islam & the Nation of Islam, to his content that presents a conflicting and kind of gross persona; Ren is a voice that is unmistakable and truly earns him the "Villain" moniker, for better or worse.

Weekly Music Roundup - (1:01) (Ben = Bold / Charlie = Italics)
  • Ramya Pothuri - hazy
  • aja monet - when the poems do what they do
  • Marla Brown - Remedy
  • Backwood Sweetie - Ancestral Aspect
  • She Who Wont Be Named - Time To Change
  • Yo Gotti x DJ Drama - I Showed U So
  • BLP Kosher - Bars Mitzvah
  • Rick Hyde - LUPARA
  • Hus KingPin - Threesome 4
Topic Intro/Ben's Research House - (10:32)
Shock of the Hour - (21:56)
The Villain in Black - (34:26)
Ruthless for Life - (49:10)
Renincarnated - (56:40)
Lighter Note - (1:06:43)

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Ep.226 - MC Ren
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