Ep.200 - "Rapper" or "Artist"

On Ep.200 of DITD: Lil Yachty's comments on being taken seriously, reignited a decades old dialogue.
Off the back of Lil Yachty's new album, he made a comment about "wanting to be seen as an artist". This led to responses like this. We broke down the multi-layered conversation that is decades old and spans genres: Labels, eras, the leaders of said eras and what happens when they do something different.

200 episodes without missing a drop, thanks for being on this journey with us.

Charlie's 2018 piece on the subject.

Weekly Music Roundup - (1:16) (Ben = Bold / Charlie = Italics)
  • K.Keed - Tx3 II (EP)
  • Evil Needle & Misha - ChillHop Beat Tapes:
  • Bishop Nehru - Nehruvian Tuesdays: Volume 3
  • Onoe Caponoe - Concrete Fantasia
  • Jehst - Mork Calling Orson
  • 2KBABY - Scared 2 Love
  • Young Jr - Thug Child
  • Wale the Sage - Running From Time
  • jonatan leandoer96 - Sugar World
  • Kevin Gates - The Luca Brasi Story A Decade Of Brasi
  • 30 Deep Grimeyy - Let Me In
  • Young Fathers - Heavy Heavy
The Conversation - (10:36)
Lighter Note - (1:08:06)

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Ep.200 - "Rapper" or "Artist"
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