Ep.190 - Our Dream Festivals

On Ep.190 of DITD: We create our dream festivals.
We all have our dream festival line-up. We took it a little further and devised our own festivals. From how many days, to the locale, to the line-ups themselves; our festivals were so eclectic that we only had one artist on both line-ups. Let us know which one you'd rather hit and how much you'd pay. Because in our world, this is all for free.99!

Weekly Music Roundup - (1:11) (Ben = Bold / Charlie = Italics)
  • Stormzy - This Is What I Mean
  • Quando Rondo & YoungBoy - 3860
  • klwn cat & Rae Luna - Where'd It All Go?
  • $ilkMoney - I Don't Give a Fuck About This Rap Shit, Imma Just Drop Until I Don't Feel Like It Anymore
  • Numbz - Soul Food
  • Saba The Godis - MAC-TYN
  • Agnes Nunes - Menina Mulher
  • Avantdale Bowling Club - TREES
  • Jaz Karis - DEAR JAZ
  • Rae Luna - Like I'll Die Tomorrow
  • Cruz Patterson - Dogs In The Office
Main Topic - (22:47)
Lighter Note - (1:12:05)

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Music - "Pizza And Video Games" by Bonus Points (Thanks to Chillhop Music for the right to use)

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Ep.190 - Our Dream Festivals
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