Ep.186 - Yucking Ye's Yum

On Ep.186 of DITD: We talk Kanye.
So now that we're seemingly out of the "Ye" storm, it's a good a time as any to take in maybe the most self-destructive month any public figure has done. This conversations covers a lot of ground and zooms in and out frequently so buckle in.

Weekly Music Roundup - (1:23) (Ben = Bold / Charlie = Italics)
  • Baby Keem - The Melodic Blue Deluxe
  • Duke Deuce - Memphis Massacre 3
  • Westside Gunn - 10
  • Che Noir - The Last Remnants
  • Smino - Luv 4 Rent
  • Msanii & The Other Guys - Seasonal Veggies, Vol. 1
  • Ghais Guevara - There Will Be No Super-Slave
  • Aaron May - Outside Lookin In
  • Marlowe - Marlowe 3
  • The Brother Moves On - $/He Who Feeds You... Owns You
The Conversation - (19:14)
Lighter Note - (1:27:21)

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Music - "Pizza And Video Games" by Bonus Points (Thanks to Chillhop Music for the right to use)

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Ep.186 - Yucking Ye's Yum
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