Welcome to "Diggin' In The Digits", where Creator of 'Hip-Hop By The Numbers' Ben Carter and Director of 'The 5th Element' Charlie Taylor deliver entirely unique retrospectives behind Hip-Hop's biggest artists, stories & it's roots, discussing them in detail.

From Australia to the UK and beyond.

A 5EPN Original.

Latest Episodes

Ep.178 - Hip-Hop Neighbours, Vol. 4

On Ep.178 of DITD: 4th edition of Hip-Hop Neighbours; this time talking about the work of Tame Impala & KAYTRANADA.

Ep.177 - Hilltop Hoods

On Ep.177 of DITD: A retrospective on the most popular Hip-Hop act in Australia, Hilltop Hoods.

Ep.176 - Shabazz Palaces

On Ep.176 of DITD: A retrospective on the Ishmael Butler-led Shabazz Palaces.

Ep.175 - Camp Lo

On Ep.175 of DITD: A retrospective on Bronx duo, Camp Lo.

Ep.174 - DITD Bites, Vol. 14

On Ep.174 of DITD: The 14th Bites where we talk about the Beyonce/Kelis/Neptunes sample controversy and The Notorious B.I.G. allegedly stealing "Juicy".

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